Full Wrecker Service

Full Wrecker Service

Full Wrecker Service

For those clients who need a bit more horsepower and torque to get the job done. We are proud to introduce our world-class wrecker solutions. Be land or sea, our monsters and their state-of-the-art trailers can and almost any shape and size you can throw at us. We would love it if you could challenge us with something unique and special today.

For those clients who may be a bit worried that we will not be able to handle the towing job they have for us, we are proud to say that our full wrecker service can handle any size load. Be it land or sea, we have you covered. Our beast wreckers will get the job done and we guarantee that you will not find a better solution anywhere in Tempe and surrounding areas. Now that we have your attention, please take a minute to have a look below at what this service can offer. By the time you are done, we are sure our phone will be ringing off the hook.

Wrecker Vs Tow Truck Driver

Not that it surprises us, but many of our clients still do not know the difference between a tow truck driver and a wrecker driver. The biggest difference is that a tow truck driver is the scope of their duties. A tow truck driver will normally only tows cars. A wrecker driver does all this and more. They will tow almost anything and are also authorized to handle repairs and maintenance works. Now that you know the difference, you are better equipped to understand which service will suit you best. To make sure, all you have to do is give us a call today.

Is It Worth It?

The answer to this question is usually yes. One needs to consider how else you would get the item to where it needs to go. We have had a few DIY enthusiasts that have tried it themselves. Let us just say that we have had to do a fair amount of recovery jobs due to these excursions going wrong. So before you end up costing yourself more time and money than the entire exercise is worth, rather give the professionals a call today. We promise by the time we are done, you will fully understand why you made the right decision.  


We have had a few instances where clients have approached us after having a disastrous experience with a few of our competitors. Yes, you guessed it, these companies were not insured. This is why we insist on informing our clients that we are fully insured from the get-go. This provides an extra level of safety that should something go wrong, your cargo is covered. This means everyone is happy and we can carry on providing you with the absolute best wrecker services money can buy. To find out more, please pick up the phone and give us a call today. We promise you will not regret it.

How Big Is Too Big

The simple answer to this question is that nothing is too big when it comes to our high-quality, professional wrecker solutions. We even have a range of abnormal load capabilities to ensure that no matter how fat we need to go, the job will get done. But please, don’t let us bore you with the details now. Rather give us a call. Explain to our experts what you need, and they will make sure you get nothing less than absolute perfection. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please give us a call now.

Get in Touch With us

If you are keen on booking us to move something or finally you are getting that old truck towed out the backyard, then please give us a call right away and our experts will be more than willing to assist in any way that they possibly can. Other than those instances, it is always best to keep our number close at hand. You never know when something may happen. So save it on your phone and remember the next time you are in trouble. Our experts are only a phone call away. We are always looking to add new members to the family. Find us on the web!

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